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.empower retail with machine intelligence

About us

We bring brands and consumers closer since 2018.

We are a team of entrepreneurs with a track record of turning cutting edge technologies into predictive solutions for retailers. With the support of machine intelligence among other technologies we build products that could not be imagined five years ago.

To encourage businesses taking ownership of those new technologies and allow an active participation we create engaging business to business to consumer saas solutions they can activate at the click of a button.

Deep expertise, continuous experimentation and fast prototyping help us shape the future of our products.


Jonathan Damis

Jonathan Damis

Co Founder

Jimmy Brumant

Jimmy Brumant

Co Founder

Driving the future of machine learning powered retail – one brand at the time




Neuralytics is excited to announce the launch of its very first brand : .maprochaineauto

Generate. Engage. Mature. We believe we have with .maprochaineauto the potential to transform the future of automotive retail and make a positive impact on a massive scale.

Millions of Europeans switch and maintain their car every year. Imagine being able to predict when and which vehicle those consumers will buy Рthe best parts of machine learning coming together to create new touch points that brands will use to connect with their customers.


It’s a future thing.

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